Homeless Resources

Department of Education

Supporting the Success of Homeless and Foster Children

Amherst Middle School Confidential Contacts:

Maggie Kim, School Counselor, Homeless Children & Youths

Deb Dionne, School Social Worker, Foster Children & Youths

It is the homeless liaison’s responsibility to ensure that any student who is experiencing homelessness is identified and enrolled in school.  The liaison must ensure that students receive all eligible services to facilitate student academic success. 

Liaison responsibilities include (but are not limited to) awareness, guidance, determining eligibility, enrollment and school selection, access to services such as food and transportation, working with parents and guardians and working with unaccompanied youth.

Please click this link Supporting the Success of Homeless Children and Youth for a fact sheet with tips for teachers, principals, school leaders, counselors, and others.

For information on education for homeless children and youths, please visit the NHDOE Website.  

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