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Principal: Kristen Gauthier

(603) 673-8944 / fax (603) 673-6774



AMS contains grades 5 to 8, and there are currently 640 students. The Lower School comprises grades 5 and 6, and grades 7 and 8 are in the Upper School. Students grow and change a great deal between 5th and 8th grade, so, as you’ll see, we do things a little differently in the lower grades and upper grades.


Typical School Day:

Buses begin arriving after 8:00 and drop off students at the ‘bus loop’ between the middle school and high school. All students should be in their classrooms by 8:30. When you arrive you can join your peers on the playground or in the cafeteria, where breakfast can be purchased for $1.50. You can also go to the Library or the Gymnasium however these two locations are limited to a certain number of students. We’ll explain more about that on the first few days of school.


Lower School (Grades 5 and 6):  From 8:30 to 8:50, Lower School students will go to their classrooms to start the day with Morning Meeting, where they will have a chance to connect with peers and staff and settle in, as well as receive any announcements for the day. Core academic classes take place in two blocks. One is a STEM block for Math and Science, and the other is a Humanities block for Language Arts and Social Studies. Each of the core blocks is followed by a period of iCAN, which is used for intervention, reinforcement, and enrichment activities. In between the two core academic blocks, Lower School students will have 20 minutes for recess and 25 minutes for lunch.


Upper School (Grades 7 and 8):  Upper School students will start the day with Launchpad from 8:30-8:50. These are mixed grade groups of 10-11 students who will meet each morning with a teacher who is their Launchpad leader. Launchpad includes announcements, check-ins, and community-building activities. In the Upper School, there are four core academic classes (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies). On Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 7th and 8th graders will have all four core classes. On Wednesday and Thursday, they will have longer blocks of just two of their core classes. There is also a period called EAGLE block each day, which is used for intervention, reinforcement, and enrichment activities. A 30 minute lunch comes midway between the core classes. When the weather allows, students may go outside for the last 10 minutes of lunch.


Integrated Arts or “Specials”:  All students have two specials each day. Specials include classes in Music, Art, Family and Consumer Sciences, Innovation and Design, Wellness, Physical Education, Computers and Technology, and  World Language (in grades 6-8).


Lunch: Students are typically offered at least two choices of hot lunch, cold lunch options, and individual items such as milk, yogurt, juice, salad and sandwiches for purchase. The cost for a standard lunch at AMS is $3.10. Students may put money into their lunch accounts and withdraw money from those accounts or pay with cash. Of course, some students prefer to bring their own lunches.


The school day ends with afternoon announcements and students are dismissed at 3:24.


Late Starts:

Once a month, typically on the second Tuesday of the month, we have a late start day. Students arrive at school two hours later than usual, and the staff uses that time for professional development activities.


After School Activities:

There are many things to look forward to after school including athletic teams, intramural sports, and a wide range of clubs and activities. Some students may arrange with their teachers to stay for extra help or to make up work. Others go to the Library to study and do homework on their own.


After school activities that have been offered in the past include: Student Leadership and Service, Theater Club, Chess Club, Robotics Club, Innovation and Design Club, Maker Club, Wizards and Warriors, Art Club, Zentangle, Yearbook, Young Chefs, and Jazz Band. Intramural programs that have been offered include flag football, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, and gaga ball. These activities are open to everyone and provide new students with an excellent opportunity to meet other kids while having fun.


We have interscholastic teams for Girls Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Boys Baseball and Girls Softball. Some of these teams are open only to 7th and 8th graders, others to students in grades 6 through 8. These teams all require try-outs. There are also a wrestling team, an interscholastic Cross Country Team in the fall, and a Track Team in the spring for grades 5 through 8. These teams are open to all who would like to participate.


Students in grades 7 and 8 may also be eligible to become members of the Amherst Eagles Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. NJHS members are selected by a Faculty Council based on evidence of high academic achievement, leadership, service, character and citizenship.


Support Services:

There is an extensive support system available at AMS. This includes our principals, learning specialists, speech and occupational therapists, academic and behavioral intervention programs, school psychologist, school social workers, and school counselors. Please contact your counselor if you have any concerns. 


For Parents/Guardians:

AMS is committed to home-school communication. To that end, there are a number of ways for parents and students to stay connected to our school. Our school website (ams.sau39.org) contains a wealth of information, including the school calendar and the student handbook, which outlines rules and policies. Parents can subscribe to get calendar updates by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of the calendar page. To receive updates about AMS, including newsletters, information about upcoming events and activities, and important announcements, you can sign up by texting “AMS EAGLES” to 888777 or by using the form provided on our website.


All students receive an agenda book to record homework, assessments, and other activities. Our library also has an excellent parent resource center. If you need to get in touch with someone, all staff members have voice mail extensions and e-mail addresses, which are available on our website. Typically, it is easier to reach classroom teachers by email than voicemail.


There is a lot to learn about a new school. If you have questions, please ask your teacher, counselor or fellow students. We are all here to help you have the best learning experience possible and a happy, successful year. We’re so happy you have joined us!





Teachers and Other Staff Members:

Lower School (Grades 5 and 6):

Assistant Principal: Carol Scionti: [email protected]

School Counselor: Maggie Kim: [email protected], ext. 7017





Grade 5: 

The fifth grade classrooms are located on the lower level. 


Grade 5

Case Manager: Michelle Sheremeta







Jennifer Laroche

Room 1

Kathleen Gauthier

Room 4

Marilyn Menning

Room 5



Denise McCloat

Room 2

Barbara Terhune

Room 3

Claire Murray

Room 6





Grade 6:

Most 6th grade classrooms are housed in the Science wing with humanities classes on the lower level, and STEM classes on the upper level. One 6th grade team will be in rooms 16 and 17 on the first floor of the main part of the building.


Grade 6

Case Managers: Gwen Monsees and Andrew Tighe








Jayma Robinson

Room 102

Kristen Argeropoulos

Room 103

Chris Estabrook

Room 104

Amanda Miller

Room 16



Grant Dustin

Room 202

Kelly Manor

Room 204

Amanda Rogers

Room 203

Jacob Mosby

Room 17




Upper School:

Assistant Principal: John Schuttinger: [email protected]

School Counselor: Chris Beede: [email protected], ext 7130

Social Worker: Deb Dionne: [email protected], ext 7129

Grade 7:  

Grade 7 science classrooms are located on the first floor of the Science wing. All other 7th grade classrooms are upstairs in the main part of the building.


Grade 7

Case Manager: Deb McGinty





Josh Cooley

Room 32

Cheryl Allison

Room 31

Social Studies

Deb Hinrichs

Room 33

Sue Sprinkle

Room 34


Corey Cranney

Room 30

Michael Lautenschlager

Room 29


Kelly Blais

Room 100

Elizabeth Penney

Room 101


Grade 8:

All grade 8 classes are on the upper floor.


Grade 8

Case Managers: Nate Cushman and Nicole Perry





Anne Rocchio-Dodge
Room 24

Bryan Dine

Room 23

Social Studies

Ben Rodon

Room 25

Scott Booker

Room 26


Faith Pudlo

Room 22

Heather Hector

Room 21


Geoff Griffiths

Room 200

Jenna Reynolds

Room 201