Principal: Kristen Gauthier

(603) 673-8944 / fax (603) 673-6774



Welcome to Amherst Middle School! Coming to a new school can be both exciting and a little scary. It’s hard to leave behind friends and familiar places, and you probably have lots of questions. We hope this information sheet answers some of your questions about your new school. Please also read the Student Handbook on our school website for additional important information.

AMS contains grades 5 to 8, and there are currently 640 students. The Lower School comprises grades 5 and 6, and grades 7 and 8 are in the Upper School. Students grow and change a great deal between 5th and 8th grade, so, as you’ll see, we do things a little differently in the lower grades and upper grades.

Teachers and Other Staff Members:

Lower School (Grades 5 and6):

Assistant Principal: Carol Scionti: [email protected] 

School Counselor: Maggie Kim: [email protected], ext. 7017

Social Worker: Kim Wyborney: [email protected], ext. 7645


 Upper School:

Assistant Principal: John Schuttinger: [email protected]

School Counselor: Chris Beede: [email protected], ext 7130

Social Worker: Deb Dionne: [email protected], ext 7129