Private School Information

Thinking about private school?

Occasionally, students in the 8th grade begin to think about their high school education and inquire about public versus private school. If you are looking into options other than Souhegan High School, we ask that you investigate Souhegan High School first. Souhegan is a progressive, research-based high school designed around the principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. It stresses personalization, exhibitions of learning, democratic principles, student as worker, and depth of learning over breadth. Please contact the Director of Guidance at SHS to get first-hand information for your decision process. We are very proud of our excellent high school!

If you decide to investigate private schools, selecting one that best meets the needs of your child is a time-intensive process that is many faceted. First is the research phase. Next, there are admission tests to take, Open Houses to attend, application forms to fill out and return, and teacher recommendations and school records to submit. Finally, there is the interview.

What is the process for AMS? 

  • AMS can provide documentation in support of your application through teacher recommendations and copies of your academic progress.
  • Recommendations:  Please speak directly to the teachers from whom you'll be seeking a recommendation!  It's an important life skill to make this request personally and to let the teacher(s) know you appreciate their support.  Similarly, if you are requesting a recommendation from your grade-level school counselor Mr. Beede for 7/8 ([email protected]) or Ms. Kim for 5/6 ([email protected]), please make your request in person.
  • For supporting materials (grades, standardized testing, etc.): Please contact the office (Mrs. Goguen at [email protected]) as early as possible in the fall so that documents are sent to private schools in a timely manner that meets deadlines. Most private school deadlines are in January/early February.

If the request/application process is online, we'll need an email release from the parent/guardian in order to send records to another school.

For paper requests: You must fill out all the personal information on the record release forms and the recommendation forms before we can give them to teachers or send supporting materials. Please do not send in blank forms